Monday, 9 February 2015

Soul mates

I keep coming back to this picture, for god knows what reason. I just connect with everything it says and it feels lovely :)
I don't believe you have one soul mate. You find so many people who join you on this journey called life and don't drop out in the middle but stick with you right till the end. Each of these people is a soul mate. Your hands touched, your eyes spoke, your souls connected and they became a part of your life that you wouldn't exchange for the world. When you find people who you can connect with like this, DO NOT let them go. Do not let them leave. Cause a connection like this isn't ever one sided. You don't feel this deeply when it's only one sided. There will be arguments, misunderstandings, what not. That is not a reason to let them go. Cutting people off isn't always a solution. They could be the problem and the solution. You are just looking at the problem so hard, you aren't giving a chance for the solution to show and by cutting them off you just make it worse.
This doesn't mean you bare your soul to every person you meet. It doesn't mean everyone gets to read every chapter of you. It simply means that sometimes some connections happen. You can't explain them. They can't always be put into words. They could be electric even. But they happen and they make life worth living. They make you look forward to waking up the next morning. And nothing can be better than that.
You don't need a million people around you. Hell, you could have just one person. But if that person makes you feel like you're beautiful, inside and out, doesn't put you down but lifts you up when you want to sink into the ground, makes a gloomy day better by saying just probably a few words and can make your bad moods go away faster than a cat runs from water, treasure them. Let them know what they mean to you. I'm not saying, go all lovey on them all day everyday, cause honestly no one can enjoy that :P
But even if it's only once a year, just make sure they know what they mean to you. They might be having a bad day that you didn't even know about and your words could make them smile even then. And I don't think there's a better feeling than being able to make someone smile when all they want to do is cry.
I've been blessed with people I can call my own. People who I'm pretty sure are my soul mates. People I'm going to treasure for the rest of my life. :)

Tuesday, 21 January 2014


I haven't written in the longest time. Gah. I forgot I even had this Blog. But here I am now :)
Again, blogging at a wrong time. I'm in the middle of my 12th pre-finals. Haha! Some things don't change. :P
But life's changed alot in these two years. It's nothing like it was.
Made new friends. Lost a few. Saw people change. Some for better, some for worse.
I'm not the best writer. Or expresser of emotions. I just don't know how to do it.
I don't even know what I want to put across here. I think I'm trying to channel all emotion into words to try to put here but clearly it isn't happening :P
Few things that happened in 2012-13 that I don't ever want to forget. 
I ended up doing my 10th boards pretty well, woooot :P
Joined HPS again, cause obviously there's no place like home.
And talking about school, I cannot believe I'm already done with it. 14 beautiful years. All gone too fast.
I don't know any other place than this. I don't know if I want to know any place other than this. 
It's scary. Thinking how I'm going to be waking up and getting ready like I normally do, but for the first time in my life I will not be wearing that uniform in the morning. I will not walk into those gates again. Won't see my friends in the parking lot on the first day of school and scream with excitement even though I was with them just the previous day. :P No more lunch in that beautiful building we call a lunch hall. No more Investiture practice. No more Sport's Day practice. No more School Concert. No more Horlicks. No more Basketball practice. No more music practice. I could go on and on and on and on. But I think I'll save that for a later post. :)
School was really horrible for the first few weeks. No one I knew too well came back. I didn't really have any friends and it took me time to fit in anywhere cause everyone came back with their group of friends. Started to feel like a bit of an outcast. Learnt how to blend in and soon the feeling was gone. School was back to being the amazing place it was. Thank god for that. :)
That was pretty much my 11th.

12th was the most amazing year ever. Honestly, there wasn't one day that was boring in school.
Had our Freshers' Party in the beginning and it was sooooo much funn! So much for fun than the one we got :P
Then posts were announced. This was another level of disappointment. Like just whooooosh. Most of us didn't get what we wanted. So much crying. So much hate. It was a bad week.
But hey, Nagarjuna House Captain and Girls Basketball Captain aren't too bad right? :)
P.S- First time we have a Girls Basketball Captain in school. Creating history and shiiiiit. :P
Investiture was fun finally. Everyone made peace with what they got and stopped caring about it so much.
ICSE-ISC this year was just a blur. Like bluuuuuur. But it was fun, as far as I remember. Didn't place anywhere. But we played the best we could. :)
And! I got picked for Nationals! Haha! Finally after all this time. So that was a good feeling. ^.^
Then came Sports Day.
I could not stop crying. I just couldn't. It was all toooo overwhelming. Knowing that none of this was going to happen again or more like, I'm never going to be a part of it again, killed me. 
It was a beautiful day. House placed third. But whatever. Memories matter more I guess. :)
And now here I am. Writing 2nd pre-finals. Exactly a month away from my boards.
My last two months as a student of The Hyderabad Public School. 
This is going to take a lot of time to get used to. God.
I forgot why I started writing this :P
I guess I'm done for now. :)
I should try blogging more often.
New Year's resolution. Haha!

Thursday, 15 December 2011

Lonely Times

Something I got in a mail.
Soooooo true. :)

Hi again.
I have my physics pre-final tomorrow. I have noo idea why I'm here right now. I have like 5 more chapters to do. Sigh. I guess I'll be up all night now. Exams I tell you. All this torture they put us through. Not cool. Not cool.
Annyways, I was feeling kinda low. A little lonely, abandoned, etc. Everyone goes through those moods, right? Yeah. So I thought maybe writing about it might make it better cause I'm not really in a state to talk about it to anyone either.
You know that feeling, when you feel something's wrong. Something's out of place but can't figure out whadda hell it is. And when you're sitting and trying to figure out, it takes almost all day but you still can't really come to a conclusion and if you're in a very 'think'y mood when you're with friends, and you don't talk much, they'll obviously figure out that something's wrong and ask you about it. The sad part here is, you do not know what it is and so you can't tell them either. And then they'll get all offended and think you're hiding things from them. Nonsense. That's why, according to me, the best thing to do when caught in such a situation is, Eat. Listen to music. And sleep. Don't bother trying to explain yourself to your friends when you can't figure out what's wrong. That actually might send you into a much worse situation. You'll think you're mentally retarded or something.
Sometimes, disconnecting yourself from the world completely is like the BEST thing that can EVER happen to you. You get SO much 'me' time and you can just chill with yourself. i'm enjoying my state of disconnection right now. I deactivated my facebook. My mum took off my phone and I don't really bother calling anyone from my landline. Other than in school for about 4 hours, I don't have to talk to anyone. So now, it's just I, Me and Myself. :D
I don't believe I'm saying thins, but it actually feels good. Really good. If there's any drama happening outside, among your friends or people you know, you don't have to be a part of it or try and handle the situation. You might not even know about it till the next day. And then noone can blame you for not helping out. You can just say, 'I didn't have my phone and noone bothered to call and tell me.' As simple as that.
Crazy. I feel so philosophical. :P