Thursday, 15 December 2011

Lonely Times

Something I got in a mail.
Soooooo true. :)

Hi again.
I have my physics pre-final tomorrow. I have noo idea why I'm here right now. I have like 5 more chapters to do. Sigh. I guess I'll be up all night now. Exams I tell you. All this torture they put us through. Not cool. Not cool.
Annyways, I was feeling kinda low. A little lonely, abandoned, etc. Everyone goes through those moods, right? Yeah. So I thought maybe writing about it might make it better cause I'm not really in a state to talk about it to anyone either.
You know that feeling, when you feel something's wrong. Something's out of place but can't figure out whadda hell it is. And when you're sitting and trying to figure out, it takes almost all day but you still can't really come to a conclusion and if you're in a very 'think'y mood when you're with friends, and you don't talk much, they'll obviously figure out that something's wrong and ask you about it. The sad part here is, you do not know what it is and so you can't tell them either. And then they'll get all offended and think you're hiding things from them. Nonsense. That's why, according to me, the best thing to do when caught in such a situation is, Eat. Listen to music. And sleep. Don't bother trying to explain yourself to your friends when you can't figure out what's wrong. That actually might send you into a much worse situation. You'll think you're mentally retarded or something.
Sometimes, disconnecting yourself from the world completely is like the BEST thing that can EVER happen to you. You get SO much 'me' time and you can just chill with yourself. i'm enjoying my state of disconnection right now. I deactivated my facebook. My mum took off my phone and I don't really bother calling anyone from my landline. Other than in school for about 4 hours, I don't have to talk to anyone. So now, it's just I, Me and Myself. :D
I don't believe I'm saying thins, but it actually feels good. Really good. If there's any drama happening outside, among your friends or people you know, you don't have to be a part of it or try and handle the situation. You might not even know about it till the next day. And then noone can blame you for not helping out. You can just say, 'I didn't have my phone and noone bothered to call and tell me.' As simple as that.
Crazy. I feel so philosophical. :P